Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hijack Studio


Not many people would go out all their way to invite you to join them for a studio shoot, moreso when you are a point and shoot user. But Johan has never been typical and is always a good friend and mentor to the KL Flickr group and so I found myself not just taking photos in his Hijack Studio which he has set up in his home, I was invited to have dinner with him and Mizzie. It's been quite a while since I received such good hospitality and warm company. And he was great in his casual self at his home in Bangsar with his Spongebob Squarepants pyjamas and all. The food was excellent too, nothing beats home cooking.

Like I mentioned not many people would go out of a wing to help a point and shoot user, especially for a studio setup but that was what Johan went and did, advising on flash uses, loaning flashes that would trigger with my Canon Powershot S80 and even loaning me a Nikon D80 for use. Still not much of s studio photographer I must admit and don't think I overtly would choose it as a photography setting rather than street shooting and travel shoot but it does have its fun moments and great results. Thanks Johan, Han, Munchee and others for posing or for attending as well. It was fun.








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