Friday, December 21, 2007

The Nativity Story: The Long Road to Bethlehem

A continuation of the Nativity story with the calling of a census of all citizens in King Harod's kingdom. Joseph and Mary had to travel to Bethlehem which was where Joseph's tribe was from. Mary was already heavy with child and the journey there was slow. By the time they arrived to look for an inn to stay the night they found that most of the inns were already full from travelers. Finally, an inn keeper taking pity on the couple offered them roof in the manger.


A census was announced by King Harod for all citizens in his kingdom


Mary who was with child and Joseph travels to Bethlehem where Joseph's tribe was from for the census


Mary fret that she is about due with the child and they had a long journey ahead


Joseph reassures her


Both soon made the long journey to Bethlehem


An inn keeper keeps watch during the night


Three inn keepers in the town of Bethlehem awaits Mary and Joseph but as they arrive late in the night many of the rooms were taken and there was none to be let out


Joseph begs the last inn keeper for a room as he explains that Mary is with child. Finally he relented and says that the couple could share the space with the animals in the manger

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