Saturday, December 08, 2007

Times Fly By

Recently I looked back and was astonished that a year has just passed me by. It was a year since I moved back to KL to work and it was a year back that I started my job at ASPEC. It was a year full of ups and downs, happiness and bitterness, regrets and joys. The faces of people in the company has changed so much within this year, people came and went, some old faces are still there but are joined by many new ones as well. Each and everyone of the are good friends though we too have ups and downs in our daily dealings with each other as well. Time never remains static and people change and looking back I believed I did as well. Some changes I didn't quite appreciate like my increasing girth due to the kind of job I'm doing and a reliance of a car rather than walking, in other matters I think I have matured a degree. I still think I have a long way to go and I am still fresh and stumbling about. I've learnt an appreciation of the kind of work I had to do and the high demand it exacts from a person. I've learnt that I love being a social person, I joined Flickr and met many new and interesting people who have shown me that life can be varied and crazy, I've met many colleagues that have helped me in coping with the transition from studying to actual nit gritty work. As I mentioned, time has flown and soon in about less than a fortnight I'll be 26. It seems so old. Well hopefully the following year will see better tidings and even more experiences for me. Cheers.


Our company personnel during our Chirstmas gift exchange in 2006 includes Ina, Saravanan, Kin Voon, Ana, Siti, Cheng, Li Mor, Joo Sin, Jason, Kai San, Angel, Lily, Yoon Lee, Phinie and Nikki.


Another picture of us all at ASPEC here seen at PJ Hilton during our Company Christmas Lunch.


A year from then new faces dots the group while many old ones are no longer there: Yau, Yoon Lee, Saravanan, Ana, Siti, Cheng, Phinie, Li Mor, Fareini, Lily, Ina, Ethan, Kai San, Mr Yoong and Kin Voon. Soon after Li Mor was to leave to further her studies.


During Li Mor's farewell dinner at the Palace of the Golden Horses.

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