Monday, February 11, 2008

Sometimes I Wish

Sometimes I Wish:

That I wasn't so nice a guy,
So that people don't take me for granted,
That I was more self assured and confident,
So that people would notice me and not brush me aside,
That I was more spontaneous and bold,
So that people would not view me as hesitant and unsure,
That I dared to take chances without fear of the consequences,
So that I do not hold back and let chances fly by,
That I could speak my mind out loud,
So that they really know what I feel deep inside,
That I didn't care what other people think of me,
So that I can be myself and not pretend for other people's sake,
That I could dance and sing and play an instrument,
So that people can view me as talented,
That I was more outgoing and open to strangers,
So that I am not perceived as being a loner,
That I could cry out openly without being seen as weak,
So that the hurt hiding inside can finally be let out,
That things would go my way for once,
So that I can at least be happy for a moment,
That people would not treat you as if you know nothing,
So that I can stand out for once,
That people would at least say thank you or praise for a job well done,
So that I can at least be proud of myself even for that one instant,
That love was easier to obtain and more secure,
But it is always the most elusive and hardest thing to hold on to,
That happiness was not so fleeting,
So that I never have to fall into a pit of depression.

-Self penned at a time of depression

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hyelbaine said...

hhmm...nice piece but why the rather sad overtures bro.... ;)

Cheers!!! :D