Friday, July 11, 2008

Portrait Series2: Identity and Shackles

I have no voice or identity03

This is the second series I'm putting up. I wanted to do a social message shot without too much posing or scene staging, so with a white shawl and red scarf I set up to do a photo shot with a strong enough message to project. I've always been an advocate of women speaking out for themselves and the dismantling of a patriarchal dominated society. Often we see women who are too afraid or are unable to speak out for themselves, most often creating shackles for themselves that binds them tighter than any chains and iron could. Most often the greatest lost is the lost of their voices to speak out, their identity of self and the freedom of choice by a self imposed muzzling and bondage. All this I wanted to project with these shots. So again I want to thank Praveen for posing and giving some great ideas, I didn't really had to prod much and she was a natural after I explained the gist of what I wanted.

I have no voice or identity04

I have no voice or identity02

I have no voice or identity01

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