Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Used to Believe

I used to believe that BN was still redeemable even after the defeat in March 8 and its subsequent rhetorics into a party for all Malaysians.

I used to believe that for all its faults and failings the ISA was a tool that could be used to control the more extreme elements in society to ensure peace in the country.

I used to believe that Abdullah was a fair man that actually has the heart of the country in mind and with at least a bit of fairness to all races.

I used to believe that even at the nadir of political success, the MCA, Gerakan, MIC and all other component parties will still have the interests of the Non-Bumis at heart even with the domination of UMNO.

I used to believe that March 8 marked a maturing of democracy that will bring Malaysia forward into a better country.

I used to believe that race based politics and divide and rule politics have once and for all been sent back to the stone edge.

I used to believe that it was immoral and unfair to voters that Anwar wanted to wrest control of the contry by hook of by crook.

Now i believe a transitional change in administration is too long overdue and should be achieved by any means as even its better to have an untried government than a morally brankrupt government we have now. The arrest of RajaPetra, Teresa Kok and Tan from Sin Chew has also shown that the Abdullah government has no respect for the new media, the old media and the opposition who are no longer opposition and the use of the draconic ISA shows that it has no respect for due process. It pains me to see the real culprits aka UMNO and Ahmad Ismail go scott free while the messengers of the rakyat are the one punished. What happened to the whistle blower protection bill? I used to think that if BN reformed that I will still vote for them in the coming elections but as things are I don't think I will ever again turn to BN, I'd rather vote PAS than MCA. It is a lesson to all Malaysians today that a government which no longer cares of the rakyat should not be allowed to hold the reigns of power ever and this is what BN has shown now. MCA and Gerakan should divest their interests in the coalition which is now a sinking ship.

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