Sunday, October 19, 2008

Street Children of Kota Kinabalu Part 2


If eyes could talk this girl would have much to say. Hanging about all day at the Kota Kinabalu wet market, carrying baggage for a few cents seven days a week.


Street Kid, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


So young yet having to work to sustain life.


Smile when hardships are upon you is one way to get you through difficult times.


Curiosity and inquisitiveness are still part of this child though her childhood is long gone.


One of the countless bag children in the Kota Kinabalu Market. Plastic bags tucked into her clothes and a pouch to hold the change she gets for her service and nothing else but the clothes on her back.


Moving on, she walks by looking for the next customer to offer her a few cents to carry their bags. At least its an honest living.


Averting his eyes from me, a chance shot managed to obtain a portrait of this kid.


Elsewhere in another life, she may have grown up to be a beauty enough to grace the catwalk, yet her beauty never diminishes even in her present condition.


Hunger is a constant companion, without means for a proper meal this kid was sucking on the discarded sauce for fruits, something most of us never think about throwing away.


Splitzbz said...

nice pics.. Thumbs up dude

aFiFa MysaRa (si penulis gadungan) said...

very nice photograph!!!
teach me!!

aFiFa MysaRa (si penulis gadungan) said...

very nice photograph dude!!!
teach me!!