Monday, December 01, 2008

Rise the Chauvanistic Generation

You take one step and you think that Malaysia is finally shaking off its racial polarization after being haunted for so long by it and the next thing we find is that instead of making progress it feels like we make a back slide to the bottom and we have to start again. I believe that many Malaysians are moderate, pragmatic and progressive that wishes to be left in peace to make a living for themselves and their family but there are groups out there that revel, enjoy even being in the limelight and would not be shy to use what ever means to achieve their 5 minutes of fame.

Race relations have been a thorny issue for too long especially since many quarters have been shooting their mouth out, questioning the origin of the people of Malaysia, harping on imposing religious laws onto others and now we have a group of so called 'Malay Chauvinists' that decided that they would wake up and so Datuk Chua Soil Lek for RM 2 million for comments made that he would support Malay rights but not Malay supremacy.

It's quite a tragic comedy, one which I know not to laugh or cry. In the age when Obama made history in breaking into mainstream America as the first black president we have people like Mohd Apis who heads the Young Malay Graduates Movement. It sends a thingling feeling in me to image that these are the leaders of tomorrow, people who have been weaned on tax payers money, paid to be sent to study overseas, landing cosy and comfy government positions and contracts and getting fat at the expense of other people that are more derserving than them. It is surely a farce to see tax payers money bringing up bigots, racists and race chauvanists into our society.

A look at their web page and other of their ilks show that they are neither intellectuals, contributors of society or even decent human beings. The entire page could even be called seditious and a danger to security, moreso than Raja Petra's blog or even the entire Hindraf movement and maybe a sprinkle of Ayah Pin Combined. Rather then rant and rave I'll let readers decide for themselves on what is written and decide are these proxy of UMNO and running lapdogs worth even our time to lambest or should they be pitied that in a world where diversity should be encouraged they chose to be narrow minded and retrograde.

GGMM Webpage
Perak Bangkit
Keris Pusaka Melayu
Pemuda Enggang
Empayar Malaya
Panglima Perang Cyber

If they are so keen to sue Dr Chua, let them look back in history as well as brush up on their kenegaraan where the constitution safeguards the rights of all races, religion and rights. Then the orang asli should pay Mr Apis a visit with a petition to collect on payment rendered for:

(a) invading and displacing the kaum pribumi/ orang asli from their ancestral land
(b) infringing and trampling on the rights, culture and lifestyle of the orang asli
(c) disregard the orang asli as bumiputera whereby they have as much right and even more to be here than immigrants from tanah melayu
(d) pay back interests for the years that malay imigrants have been residing and inhabiting this land which belongs to them

I think RM2 million is too little don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

Well written Kervin :) Blogs like that exist for sensationalism. While I'm glad all the comments in the blog are against them, perhaps we should just leave them be... and they will disappear as quickly as they were formed! LT