Saturday, May 16, 2009

in/Visible - Joint Photo Exhibition (Kervin/ Visithra)

It's been a long cherished wish of mine to be able to share my photos and this is one step in the long path. I will be having my first exhibition in a joint venture with Visithra to be held at KLPAC from 1 - 14 June 2009. Entrance is free so I hope that you will be able to join us on our photographic journey.

Why did we call the exhibition in/Visible you may ask. We both have been shooting around Malaysia, in places both remote and familiar. In KL alone, walking by the city we often find ourselves in familiar sights, the large malls, the busy streets, the gardens, commercial areas, food stalls and tourisy attractions. In our haste to get from one place to the other, we often miss so much of our surroundings, and you'd be amazed to find that in the most improbable places, there is beauty. The theme also fits with both our passion in the living soul of KL and not just its infrastructure and places. It's the people that makes KL a living breathing place that throbs with life, without its people, the city is dead. Our Country is rapidly developing and in that haste we often forget or choose not to see the less privelaged in our society, the folks living in shanty towns and remnant villages amidst the sea of concrete jungle, the kids and orphans that is trying their best to live on while facing whatever challenges they face, the disabled and infirmed and the foreigners and drifters that we depend so much for our development, all these are invisible to us. That's what we want to show people, that we have to open our eyes, take a step back and appreciate what makes our Country as it is today, what makes us Malaysian.

The general synopsis of our exhibition is as follow:

We often breeze through life seeing things without connecting to our surroundings. The duality of our surroundings is revealed, only when we stop, for a moment, and view through unclouded eyes.

Shot in various places across Malaysia, using Canon point and shoot; and DSLR cameras, the exhibition aims to capture the spirit of the photographers, Visithra and Kervin who have found a convergence in photography through a shared passion in life.

We hope that you would take time off to drop by the gallery, KLPAC is an astonishing venue and you'll love the gardens, art space and old buildings found in its grounds.

Visit our Facebook event page to sign on or to find out on updates. See you there and thank you.


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