Sunday, July 05, 2009

Thank You for Visiting the Exhibition


Thanks everyone for visiting the exhibition.

Thank you to those that gave their limited time to come all the way to KLPAC for the joint exhibition by Visithra and I. The turnout from people I know were mixed but there were so many out there that gave their support by just attending and viewing the exhibits. To these people (you all know who you are) I am truly grateful to know that our friendship over the years means so much to the lot of you. First off would be from T'san and Mira for being the first to attend early on Saturday and the lovely bouquet of flowers presented to us. Then there was Kwang Meng and brother and Lay Cheng,I'm really touched that you all actually made it all the way from Ipoh to attend and walking the long distance from the KTM distance to KLPAC. Then to Kuok Sum for bringing (dragging hehe) his two lovely ladies from Toastmasters to come and visit especially since they just had to attend a meeting themselves. Jeremy Tok and his German counterparts for making an appearance. The old Master's gang, May Yen, Cheng Yi, Pei Ni and family for taking time off their ever so busy schedule and its was great catching up with everybody. My cousin Gary (Wai Ken) and his lovely girlfriend, sorry for not being able to entertain you all as I should since I was watching the Mak Yong performance. Joe and Faridah for giving us the support and space for our exhibition and for becoming our first patron.s Ripi and Ali for coming over to see us and everyone else that may not have been mentioned.

It has been quite an experience for those three weeks. It is my first exhibition and those few weekends sitting there and watching the crowd is an experience that I truly enjoyed. It touched us that so many took time before, in between or after performances to linger and comment on the photos, some even reading the articles (wordy as they were) line by line, it really shows that the effort putting those up were not wasted. I especially am intrigued that my photo of the Indian temple corridor was the one garnering so much attention, even to a point that a man walking on the opposite side of the hall made a 90 degree turn and headed straight for that one photo. Some took time to go one by one to view all 20 photos, others were more interested in particular pieces.

We wanted the exhibition to be fun yet informative. We had some people asking about the photo on Agathian Home and inquiring how they can get in touch with them. Others were interested in the shots of Pekeliling Flats, we had a few people mentioning they used to stay there and it was nostalgic. So once the three weeks were up it was a decision that was not wasted, even if we didn't turn a profit, the experience left us more the richer for it and I fell in love with KLPAC. If not for the exhibition I would not have known what joy it was to enjoy the arts. I went for my first theatre performance which cost me only RM15 and loved the Mak Yong which featured a stellar cast ensemble. I went to watch a Shakespearean play by the Young People's Theater and loved it. I was invited to attend an alternative dance to celebrate the solstice and got dragged as part of their show, led in arm (against my will) to be the centerpiece, Viz must have been laughing all the way seeing me dragged as such. I finally got to attend Urbanscapes 2009 and had a blast. I plan to continue this love of the arts and if there is a chance for another exhibition the decision will be clear. It was a lot of work and I really have to thank my partner for the hard work she put in, especially for the posters, without her this might not have pulled off. We still have photos for sale so if you are interested please contact us for the price. We are also releasing limited prints so if interested do call or get in touch. Again thanks everyone.




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