Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Actions by Berita Harian on Blog

A raging battle has been seen occurring in the world of blogging, don't know if many of you have heard about it. I certainly didn't as I don't quite read Berita Harian, the local government Malay daily but turns out that a certain comment from a blog reader on Jeff Ooi's (a local political writer) weblog "Screenshots" has received the attention of the mainstream media due to certain references to Islam Hadari. Read all about it yourselves and judge whether web bloggers will be getting a harder time online for comments they make and whether press freedom if being impinged upon.

The link is:

Go to the author's blog inserted at the links page to read further developments on Malaysian scenes as well as follow ups on the issue highlighted.

Other interesting reads to note on how blogging is changing the scene of how news is being presented and also to work as alternative medias can be found at:

Project Petaling Street also hosts weblog links and recently many have been outspoken about the issue of Berita Harian's actions:

I believe that web blogs have a good future and role in disseminating news but caution must be heeded as the news might or might not be justified or even verified so whatever we read, do take it with a pinch of salt:) Signing off now!

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