Monday, October 04, 2004


Dreamy Posted by Hello

Pic: Portrait of Madihah, 2003.

Since I'm on the subject of potraits. I figured for this week I'll showcase a gallery of my ex-coursemates concurrently with this week's features. Today I'll present Madihah. The picture I chose was to picture her as wondering about her future, where does she want to head out in life after graduation, what fears or hope is playing around in her mind as she prepares to leap out of the student's life into the working world. A situation most of us share at sometime in our life. We can only wonder what dreams she may have.


Adrian said...

Black and white... Hmnn... Always nice!! This is great!

Jeremy said...

Naaah (guess whom I learnt this from?)...I think she's trying to make up her mind if she wants chicken legs curry or shellfish sambal with her nasi lemak after class. It's a tough choice!

Adrian said...

GLad to see you're a fast learner! Haha... I've always wanted to try out black n white portraits... Just never did it before... :)