Monday, October 04, 2004

People feature

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Pic: Lady resting by the roadside after hauling her two heavy burdens. The mengkuang food cover lends a helping hand in providing shade in the hot sun while she waits for a ride back home. Kota Belud, Sabah, 2003.

I've been using as an example in some of my past post a situation where the photo subject was very contentious as I didn't ask permission before I snapped. Anyway here is the picture in question for all to view. I think it came out great but only some people out there question the methods. Well I'm going to start of this week with a feature on people, I've been publishing a lot of scenery and place photos so I figured it'd be refreshing to showcase several of my pictures on human portraits. As I've said, human makes one of the most satisfying as well as the most frustrating subjects to be filmed at times. The vast rainbow of expressions, emotions, feelings and poses that can result is seemingly endless, and what better way to commemorate the human experience but to capture it in a photo! It's difficult to choose which to display since there's so many to publish, so here goes nothing.

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Adrian said...

It is a nice photo, yet the story you tell cannot be seen in the photo. Where is her heavy burden? Don't see the contrast where a "hot sun" should have caused...

A little further away, big aperture and lower angle would've caught her facial expressions as she turned around, AND not make her embarrased to see you rushing up to her like a tourist to an orang utan.

The bigger aperture would help to blur out the background, lower angle and further away to see more of her face and the blur of her "burdens" by her side. And maybe spot metering to create a higher contrast look... "hot sun"?

Right now she seems more like just another auntie waiting at the bus stop... :)