Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Patriot Posted by Hello

Pic: Merdeka Day, a local boy leaping upwards to cluth the Malaysian Flag. Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan, Pahang, August 2004.


We aspire to reach ever greater heights,
To challenge and outdo our best,
Though our goals still far from sight,
We’ll be every ready for the test.

A leap of faith required,
Of mind, body, soul,
Dedication, sacrifice, perspire,
Needed to reach our lofty goals.

At times we feel we are in defeat,
Our dreams crumbling beneath,
Take heart and bear the heat,
The fire within doth seethe.

When we glance at the finish line,
Our hearts, leap without bound,
A feeling, simply divine,
A victory ever so profound.

At last we have reached,
Floating, aloft, so high,
All barriers, broken, breached,
To a point where our dreams take flight.


Jeremy said...

The pic's very photojournalistic!

Adrian said...

Yeah. For once, I agree fully...

Jeremy said...

The natural progression from this is to try coffee creamer with your Milo...

Adrian said...

Uh... try lime with your milo...

hyelbaine said...

Nice work ;)