Friday, October 01, 2004

Survivor anyone?

Mud men/woman!! Posted by Hello

Pic: A group of my friends after a dip in the mud volcano. Great fun, great times, messy situation! Pulau Tiga, Sabah, 2003.

Pulau Tiga (P3) or better known as the location for the first Survivor series was once described as "Stranded in a deserted island in the middle of the South China Sea, away from civilization, these contestants must survive with what they have blah blah blah...". Well the deserted island turned out to be just a few miles off the coast of Sabah and nearby is the town of Kuala Penyu, backwater but still not uncivilized. P3 is a part of the marine park system in Sabah and attractions here include the mud volcanoes which ooze out slick, wet mud that forms the basis of the whole island and also Snake Island, a little piece of rock and greenery a little farther off shore that is home to sea snakes and sea snake eating eagles. It's a nice place for some needed rest and relaxation, cool breeze constantly blow about, waves pounding the coast, soothing serenade of forest sound, all very good for the stressed, that is until the mud fights starts!

Things get gooey and yucky pretty fast and even sideliners are not spared as the occasional rogue mud ball heads your way. Soon everyone will be covered in nothing but grime that will make those cleanliness freaks scream for mercy. Well, the best way to get it off is to take a plunge into the ocean! Other attractions here are water sports, beach soccer and for the less outdoors inclined, media and games room is available at the P3 Resort. After a hard days work and play, feast on the buffet spread and relax those aching muscles! Sunsets here are amazing and not a sight to be missed!

During low tide, a sand bar is exposed midway to Snake Island, corals are found here if one is inclined to take up snorkeling. But the best attraction is still Snake Island. A handler provided by the resort will be on hand to help frisk out the serpents (identifiable by their flattened bodies and paddle tail fin) and sit back and watch your friends squirm as the reptile crawls round them, photo opportunity! When you leave, you can brag that you were a survivor, even for a day or two only:)

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