Sunday, November 21, 2004

First sight

Ever wonder how it feels like to wake up and be deprived of your sight and hearing? To many it would be a shock, a loss of senses that you depend on to define your world and life, to make sense of your surroundings and to interpret objects, people and places. To be without these two senses would leave you crippled.

So I wouldn’t know what it would be like for my pups if they were to open their eyes and ears, to be suddenly endowed with the gift of sight and sound. Would it be frightening, so many new inputs from what they are used to, how does the brain make sense of it all? Will they ever adjust to these new wonders?

Going by smell and feel all this while, how would the world look to them now that they can see and hear? Would the same tit they have seen suckling over the past week be the same tit when viewed through the eyes for the first time? It may seem the same, the same texture as the mouth clamps onto it, the same warm nourishing milk that fills the tummy, the same smell that lured a newly born pup to its first meal, yet viewing it at first sight, would it truly be the same?

It might take them a while to understand that they are exactly where they have been all this while as they were born into the world. Yet the capacity to learn and absorb new information is by nature instinct. It’s a whole new world for them to explore.

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