Saturday, November 20, 2004

Karambunai beach

Few people besides the international cast of hotel guests who stay at the Nexus Karambunai Resort would know about the great beach stretch hidden away just a distance off Kk. It is quite a journey and one not made easily without personal transport as it is quite far off from most major roads and is without public transport access. Well that’s one reason it is called a five star resort, only those that can afford it can enjoy it. But this is not so, even if the resort is locked away from most of our scantly pockets, the beach is still public property and can be enjoyed by all who can reach this haven. Here’s my rating of the beach affront Nexus Karambunai Resort:

People density : 5/5
With so secluded a place, very few people actually venture to the beach except for the hotel guests doing their sun tanning and water activities. No crowded beaches where everyone is vying for prime space. Just find a spot, stake your claim and rest assured no one will disturb you from your rest and relaxation. Mostly consisting of the hotel patrons enjoying the beach and going about their way, no large family with children running amuck or loud busybody vendors to distract you from what you’re currently immersed in.

Cleanliness : 5/5
One of the perks of having a 5 star hotel beside the beach is the 5 star beach cleaning crew that goes along with the territory. Tired of finding litter spoiling the choice spot? Kids digging in the sand and finding rubbish and plastic instead? The poor hermit crab having to use a soda can instead of a shell as a home? Look no further, you’ll not find a piece of junk around unless you are the culprit. Pristine beach stretch, combed every morning to give it the even finish and maintenance is daylong.

Scenery : 4/5
Surrounded at the back by interlocking greenery filed hills, beautiful cove with clear water, straight stretch of white sandy beaches, fir lined stretches, luxurious hotel accommodations nearby, a no brainer. Perfect piece of paradise for those unable to afford a trip to Sipadan, it’s a tropical beach like no other. Though the sunset is obscured by the hills, the evenings here is nonetheless great, sky turns into various hues and a serene view is observed, fall asleep as the cool breeze fans you into dreamland. The hotel is well decorated too!

Water : 3/5
Clean and clear of debris, yet still not as pristine. Water is of a clear hue yet hampered by small amounts of sedimentation. Temperature ranges from a cool shiver to warm fuzziness depending on the weather. Great waves and an unbroken coastline make up for these shortcomings.

Facilities : 5/5
The place has the works! Swimming pool (just act as if you’re a guest and they won’t know the difference), horseback riding, massage shed, towel shack, snack bar, restaurants, toilets, baths, beach equipment rental etc. Anything your heart desire you can have for a price.

Sand : 3/5
Not exactly white and powdery but still clean with great grain texture for making sandcastles. High tide will still leave you plenty of sandy stretches to delve in and you can still wade chest deep a few feet away from shore.

Pocket sensitivity : 2/5
Can you say ouch ouch ouch!? Not exactly a cheap place to be, with a 5 star price list to boot. Expect nothing below RM10 if you desire to dine here. A pita bread I had cost me RM29 and drinks wow, Nestle Manggo Freeze came to about RM12. So if you’re coming be prepared and bring along all those snack foods you need from your local cheap convenience store. On the other hand the beach and bath rooms are free.

Activities : 4/5
Lots to do here but main thing to look forward for is the beach itself, sun, surf and sunburns! The water is great, the straight coastline makes for great waves that rush onto shore in huge heaps and you can body surf to your pleasure. Facilities here also allow you to rent a skiff to sail, kayaks to ride the waves, floats to just relax on and chairs to sun yourself to a crisp. Dryer pursuits include fine dining, horseback riding and sun bathing.

Overall : 4/5
It’s scenic, private, clean and happening place. Environment is one of the best Sabah can offer and if you so desire the comfort of luxury, Nexus is just a step away. It's a good place for some serious rest and relaxation for those fed up with the hustle bustle jostling in the crowded city area. Hit the surf!

Beach stretch Posted by Hello

Sand and sea for miles without the sight of litter.

Hotel block Posted by Hello

The ocean view block taken from the garden area.

Riding the waves Posted by Hello

The small sail boat breaking through the myraid waves to reach the sea.

Beach ball Posted by Hello

Guests playing a round of beach ball with the facilities provided by the hotel at the beach.

Riding lessons Posted by Hello

A guide leading a pair of kids on a horse ride along the beach.

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