Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Name that Pup Contest!

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Pic: From left, Pup 1 aka Big Bully, Pup 2 tongue wagger and Pup 3 sesat as usual.

As I’ve blogged previously, our household is now the proud owner of 3 new pups. As of today all of them have not been named and even Paul for the guy is tentative. After countless times raking out brain and risking our hairs being scratched off our scalps, I thought I’d be nice to ask for help on the web.

Each of the pup’s have their characteristics and if anyone doubt that this is so as they are just under a week think again. In order of seniority:

Pup 1
Being the eldest of the lot, clocked in at 9.20 a.m., 27 Nov 2004. From the moment of birth this little female has done nothing but cling to the mum’s tits and sucked like there is no tomorrow. Usually docile and not prone to uttering a sound, she will delegate her time to only two pursuits, suckling and sleeping. As a result this little girl is the chubbiest of the lot. Being the eldest also brings advantages, this is one mean girl. If the other younger siblings are racing to suckle, she makes full use of her girth and seniority to push them aside and hogs the tits. Being so chubby and bangsat (a term me and my housemates developed to describe selfish, looking out for one self and to hell with the others attitude), we are thinking of calling this one Adriana after daddy Adrian :)

Pup 2
Pup number 2 was conceived a few hours after his sis at 10.33 a.m., 27 November 2004. From birth he is quite a laid back pup, with a life attitude ala Hakuna Matata. Often spotted sleeping near the mum’s paws with his tongue lolling out, he might just grow up to become a ladies dog. Not in a hurry, he takes life at his own pace, never scrambling while the other two are grabbing for milk, but suckle once the others are done. His best activity is none other than sleeping, again with the tongue out. Being the middle pup, he’s most often left alone and is content to be so. Clever though as he’s sly to take opportunities, as his siblings scramble to fight for tits, he would slink to the back, craw under the mum’s hind legs and grab hold onto the last tit where no one is present. The adoptee, Liz wishes to call him Paul, for what reason I cannot imagine.

Pup 3
The baby of the family was an unexpected addition, it came after 2 hours apart the other two round 12.50 p.m., 27 November 2004. We have christened her the whiner as she has been the most vocal of the lot, whining and yelping from a.m. to p.m. A bit of a slow one, maybe due to her late arrival and minor status. Most frustrating, she acts as if she has no instincts, often we find her crawling not towards the tits but away from it! When we grab her and place her right to one, she would scramble away, yelping owoowowowow all the way and head towards the exact opposite direction. Pick her up again and she would repeat the same. As she is a bit incompetent when fighting for resources with her elder siblings, she is a bit scrawny but still in healthy shape. Often when we come out of the house, this little thing would’ve crawled a fair bit of a distance away from the mum, once even finding itself near the front door.

So any name ideas based on their characteristics and personality? Must admit anything is better than what Lady Marmalade almost got stuck with. Laura was trying to get Lady to eat when she first came to our place. Jittery little thing then, hiding with her nose down at the corner of the stairway. Laura prodded a KFC chicken leg to her and she took a bite, and joked that maybe we should call her chicken after her first meal. Well it didn’t stick:) So, suggestions?

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