Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The New Guy and the New Mum

It wasn’t exactly the new guy’s lucky day when he decided to shift in recently. For some undue reason our dog, Lady decided to take an instant dislike to Kelvin. Usually she is of a docile nature, often letting people pet her if they do so in a non-threatening manner and slowly. Even if she acts like she meant to rip someone's throat up she's just acting :) Like my friend Melissa, she's actually petrified of dogs and thus always asks us to hold onto Lady and she runs past the porch. Only a few other people does Lady actually barks, like the staple mailman or delivery guy. Yet ever since she was carrying babies, she is as any good mother dog becomes protective and a little apprehensive of strangers that might threaten her pups.

So with him moving in and Lady giving birth the next day, I’d say timing is not too well. As Kelvin tries to move his stud in, Lady was furiously straining to the length of her chain to try and get a chunk of him. As soon as she got her pups, it seemed Kelvin’s days were up. Lady decided to make a den for her pups near the door and thus every time Kelvin decided to exit or enter, she would try to pounce on him. On Friday we decided to try to get both of them acquainted as we knew this cannot go on, so we tried introducing Lady to Kelvin slowly. With Lady on the other side of the grill, one of us held her head and let Kelvin slowly pat her. All was fine till Kelvin decided he get the jitters and tried to withdraw his hand, and with the lightning jerk, Lady snapped at his fingers. Lucky for him, it was only a graze.

Today was the worst he got, going out Lady sprang at him barking furiously and went straight for his balls! It was fortunate we were there to restrain her lest our new housemate had to be rushed to the nearest hospital. Well as I said it is just bad timing that he decided to move here now but never has Lady been so adamant in pursuing anyone before, maybe it’s the cologne he’s wearing? :) Dog's can sense fear and the more apprehensive you are the more stressed out and liable is the dog to go for you. But it’s true there are some people that dogs can never get along with, maybe there’s something in their aura that just irritates the hell of canines, who knows?

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