Sunday, November 07, 2004

Presenting the Toilet Club members

Toilet Club Members Posted by Hello

Pic : From left; Yew Kwang Meng, little old me, Anantharaman, Tan Junn Liang, missing from pic is Thiagu

A secret fraternity between good friends, people that share your beliefs, interest or just for the plain sake of hanging out. I figure that what’s needed by most people, a little intrigue, make belief and companionship. So out of these ideals was born the “Toilet Club”. Many ladies out there would argue that the toilet is their domain, a place whereby women would congregate in groups to discuss what no man’s ears is meant to hear. It would go something like this (all names here are fictitious) :

“Lim ah, would you like to accompany me to the toilet?” said Cheng.
“Aiyah sure sure, hey Shirlene want to tag along? Got some great gossip about Kamal and the girl from class Science 6B” said Lim.
Replied Shirlene, “Of course, nothing better to do here anyway, let chat on the way, it’s more fun than Mr. Lam here blabbering in maths.”
Shouted Anis, “Tunggu, tunggu saya mahu ikut sama, boleh?”
“Yes, sir’s not in so we can skip out of class a while, anyone else coming along?” exclaimed Geetha.

Well that’s a typical girl conversation before a bunch of them would head off, chatting all the way to the toilet. Guys on the other hand are supposed to be loners, one’s business should be conducted by oneself and not along with a posse. To guys the toilet is just that, a place to relieve oneself and get on with whatever business they were doing prior to answering the call of nature. For girls, the toilet is a social club, a place to meet and catch up on the week’s going on and happenings. They would powder their faces, apply makeup, talk through the cubicle walls and network.

Well for my friends and me we were different (don’t get any ideas!). Well for one the lot of us, Thiagu, Anantharaman, Kwang Meng, Junn Liang and I was quite close buddies and thus usually stuck together through most ordeals. Besides our toilet trips were timed for maximum efficiency, as soon as one of us spots either our Add Maths teacher (Mr Cheng and Mr Lai) or our English teacher we would quickly head to the back entrance and move with a fast pace heading the opposite direction to the toilets while the teacher entered class. This would seem more like an opportunity of truancy to escape a boring lesson than a social visit to the loo, and we never miss an opportunity to skim a few minutes from our lessons ;) Thus we often walked together, discussing the usual topics preoccupying teenager’s minds; music, movies, school work, exams, parties and girls.

Reaching the toilet would be a solemn moment, each splitting into individual cubicles or just spouting into the urinals (according to preferences) and after finishing our own business would wait outside the toilet and later chat with whoever is done themselves. Next, after everyone has completed their business, we would begin our walk back to class, give our teacher the excuse that we didn’t see him before we left and sat back at our seats. Thus it became a kind of ritual for us and soon it was entrenched within our newly christened “Toilet Club”.

FYI: Two is a doctor in training, one is a MAS airline pilot, another one sesat in hutan as perhutanan graduate and me still stuck in Uni:)

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