Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Invasions of the mums

Recently the Malaysian blog scene has been rife with the participation of many blogs written by mums. Whereas it would be usual to see teenagers, young adults and working class people blogging everything from nightlife in the city, personal happenings, cars, movies, world news and computers, the recent addition of mums does add new flavour to the board. It’s interesting to hear how they cope with family life, talk out on issues affecting the general populace and mmm cooking hehe. These are a few noteworthy blogs to mention of; Lilian, mumsgather, Twinsmum. To all mums welcome and it’ll be interesting to read what you all have to contribute, may many more follow your footsteps.

Lilian recently has embarked on a drive to make aware a Christmas wish for someone special, Baby Ryan. Read more about it on Lilian's blog. This Christmas season, don't just remember your immediate love ones, try spreading a little joy to those without anyone to bring the festive spirit to their face. Baby Ryan and his mum does not ask for things themselves but ask in their hearts for you to contribute, no matter even if it a little to the children of University Malaya Medical Center (UMMC). Even if it is a card, make someone know that they're not alone in this world and we Malaysians still have a heart to spread some care and joy to those less fortunate than us. At least this is one charity you know is not a scam or in doubt and you'll be doing some good. It's not everyday we get to be Santa Claus;)

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