Monday, January 17, 2005

BATANG wars (minors keep out)

Batang Posted by Hello

Reading Buaya's and Lilian's BaTANG and KKC sent me down the floor laughing XD

Well far from avoiding being a kiasu and conceding defeat here a picture of a bigger 'equipment' ahem... Witholding identity of poser lest he himself speaks up or kills me :D Thus my BATANG defeats yours muuahahahahaha.

Hehe no hard feelings :D Having a little fun during a boring part of the day. Guess where the shot is taken.

Measurement Posted by Hello

Ahem if you mean more of a tool here's a Basic Asessment Tool for Area Numeracy and Geography (long fancy term for a ruler used with a surveying theodolite). Hehe the measurements are bigger and longer.

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