Saturday, January 01, 2005

How 2005 started out

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Many must be pooped out through the various revelry yesterday night, many too must’ve paused a moment to reflect as the clock struck it’s hands onto 12, many were remembering still the events that occurred the previous week with prayers and thoughts and many were looking ahead to the coming year. Yet still life goes on, people broke out and raided the local supermarkets and convenience stores, carting away tons of seafood, chicken, groceries and drinks. All along the block here at Kk, students and families all joined in welcoming the New Year with cookouts and barbeques. Smoke laid thick as the charcoal fires flared and the pungent smell of grilled chicken wings. Others were busy cleaning house, sweeping the floors, mopping up and clearing out the old trash to make way for the coming year.

Here is was the same for me, Laura’s housemates were planning a small barbeque with 5 people in attendance, and my own house was busy with preparations of their own. Ah Seng, my housemate was up early and soon the house was chocked full of watermelons, corn on the cobs, potatoes, marinating chicken wings and many more. We too went ahead and made chicken wings, a few sambal marinated chicken chunks, sweet sour crabs and lots of carbonated drinks. Suffice to say we had enough to render us immobile till the next morning.

We had to make it early for church and for a student depending on the local bus berhenti-henti in time to catch a 8 a.m. mass meant an early start to the day and yet we were still late by a few minutes but luckily the crowd was not as swamped as on Christmas night. The afternoon was spent recuperating from last night’s feast with watching the CSI marathon on AXN which was a bit funny as the tv’s green cathode was burnt and thus the screen was mostly a magenta coloration.

For anyone that hasn’t tried booking for flights to go back to their hometown from Kk, it’ll be a harrowing experience. Considering there are people so desperate to get back home that bookings for flights are usually done 3 months in advance to ensure a seat or to make use of Air Asia’s cheap seats promotion. Thus after a long thought of whether to go back this year of which I’ve missed 3 years in a row due to exams and work, I took the plunge.

Figures that seats were already hard to come by at this late a date. MAS was fully booked for most flights after the 4th from Kk to KLIA and so were flights from KLIA to other destinations. Air Asia still had seats and prices were still reasonable at RM169.00. Yet, coordinating all the connecting flights, especially when dealing with two different airlines and the worry that any delays might cause us to miss the connecting flights, was hell. Firstly, we had to chart flights offering times that would allow us breather room for a connection to our respective hometown. Our initial plan was to set back on the 5th which is a Saturday but when we called it turned out flights to Ipoh on MAS was all full so we had to book on a Friday instead. To make it worse since the flight to Ipoh was at 1 p.m. while the earliest flight from Kk on Air Asia was at 10 a.m. which leaves us like 30 minutes to make a connection barring delays, we decided not to risk it. Thus we had to make do with a 9.40 p.m. flight on Thursday, reaching KLIA at midnight, spend a night there till the next morning and board our flights on Friday. All that trouble just to get back for CNY, worth it? Yes I’d say.

Well here’s to a better year. Hello 2005!

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