Friday, December 31, 2004

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith
World Photo Day 2005
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Samara aka Ring 2
The Amulet of Samarkand
Sepet More than narrow vision
Ahriman’s Prophecy
What's so naughty about ‘Doing it’?
20 situations causing you to miss a good photo
National Treasure review

Entertainment ala Malaysia
Hari Kaamatan
ANZAC Day: We remember
Doing away with restricted travel in Malaysia
Happy Easter everyone!
Passion & Palm Sunday
Chap Goh May
Happy Chinese New Year
Ode to Air Asia
To all a happy Thaipusam
The right to bear arms
The Rude Malaysian Contest
Red tide rising

Personal Happenings
Don't you hate being locked out?
I've got a scholarship!
In loving memory: Thor Oct 2004 - Apr 2005
Streamyx up and running
Streamyx out again?
Wahlau! RM 273 Streamyx bill???
My Streamyx experience
A series of unfortunate events
Taking leave for a spell
Blood is not always thicker than water
Jinxed (Someone stole my MOJO)
Who gave that B***h a license?!?!
V day escapades
There and back again
3rd day of CNY
2nd day of CNY
I can’t believe I’m packing again!
Of haircuts and new clothes
I’m a rooster!!!! And I’m going home
It took a single call
A doggy goes a flying
Sony has my camera hostage
G-mail invites give away
Lights out

Photo contest submission
i-gizmo: Color
i-gizmo: Head
i-gizmo: Frame
i-gizmo: Mirror
i-gizmo: Woman
i-gizmo: Flower
i-gizmo: Shadows
i-gizmo: Sunshine
i-gizmo: Animal
i-gizmo: Street
i-gizmo: Circle
i-gizmo: Musician
i-gizmo: Two
i-gizmo: Telephone
i-gizmo: Green
i-gizmo: Contrast
i-gizmo: Photographer

Lensday: Innocent
Lensday; Flash
Lensday: Gyration
Lensday: Yellow
Lensday: Dark
Lensday: Metal
Lensday: Unexpected
Lensday: Self Portrait
Lensday: Silhouette II
Lensday: Diversity
Lensday: Posed
Lensday: Take Out
Lensday: Red
Lensday: Miniature
Lensday: Kinetic
Lensday: Departure
Lensday: Abstract
Lensday: Fragile

Moody Monday
Moody Monday: Sparkling
Moody Monday: Spontanious
Moody Monday: Sportive
Moody Monday: Perfect
Moody Monday: Healthy
Moody Monday: Working
Moody Monday: Wierd
Moody Monday: Raw
Moody Monday: Masculine
Moody Monday: Fake
Moody Monday: Different
Moody Monday: Abstract
Moody Monday: Artistic
Moody Monday: Anxious
Moody Monday: Gloomy
Moody Monday: Icy
Moody Monday: New

Photo Friday
Photo Friday: Nerdy
Photo Friday: Rare
Photo Friday: Symbol
Photo Friday: Green
Photo Friday: Space
Photo Friday: Action
Photo Friday: Fancy
Photo Friday: Soft
Photo Friday: Plastic
Photo Friday: Hot
Photo Friday: Tiny
Photo Friday: Glow
Photo Friday: Faces
Photo Friday: Obsession
Photo Friday: Rural
Photo Friday: Luscious
Photo Friday: Distorted
Photo Friday: Crowded
Photo Friday: Signs
Photo Friday: Silhouette

Photo Tuesday
Photo Tuesday: Water
Photo Tuesday: Oops
Photo Tuesday: Time
Photo Tuesday: Complicated
Photo Tuesday: Chaos
Photo Tuesday: Lonesome
Photo Tuesday: Delay
Photo Tuesday: Learning
Photo Tuesday: Music
Photo Tuesday: Sick
Photo Tuesday: Sojourn
Theme Tuesday: Remote
Photo Tuesday: Books
Photo Tuesday: Down
Photo Tuesday: Stained
Photo Tuesday: Sports
Photo Tuesday: Everday Items
Photo Tuesday: Door
Photo Tuesday: Insects

Sunday Shoot
Sunday Shoot: Fake
Sunday Shoot: Nature
Sunday Shoot: Orange
Sunday Shoot: Hero
Sunday Shoot: Time
Sunday Shoot: Flowers
Sunday Shoot: Ancient
Sunday Shoot: Superstition
Sunday Shoot: Tree
Sunday Shoot: Spice
Sundayshoot: Winter
Sunday Shoot: Home
Sundayshoot: Creativity

Theme Thursday
Theme Thursday: Close
Theme Thursday: Beverage
Photo Thursday: Noisy
Theme Thursday: Play
Theme Thursday: Sky
Theme Thursday: Building
Theme Thursday: Shapes
Theme Thursday: Shiny
Theme Thursday: Devotion
Theme Thursday: Food
Theme Thursday: Technology
Theme Thursday: Water
Theme Thursday: Cityscape
Theme Thursday: Road
Theme Thursday: Motion
Theme Thursday: Tools
Theme Thursday: Mess
Theme Thursday: Vacation
Theme Thursday: Cold
Theme Thursday: Shadow
Theme Thursday: Celebration
Theme Thursday: Clothes

WordPhoto: Frame
WordPhoto: Crack
wordPhoto: Ink
wordPhoto: Large

Poems and Songs

Thoughts on Life
50 cents
A student's life is never easy
Alone at last, but happier?
The dangers of biking
You smoke I choke, you drink I cringe
I’m so hot! Can you feel it?
My sadistic muse
Aunt Lilian's batton passing
Despairing times for crime
Traditional weddings not the way to go?
Goodbye to a slice of childhood
BATANG wars (minors keep out)
Sales person from hell
How 2005 started out

Kuala Lumpur
Bunking a night at KLIA
View from Kl Tower

Plastic multi colured cacti?

Gurney Drive

Funky Filipino dishes

Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary
Butterfly action
Crabbing and crab dinner
Poring Hot Springs
Kinabalu Park: At the foot of the climb
Kundasang highlands
Jan 8: The return home
Jan 7: Continuations Part 2
Jan 7: Improving livelihood and Philippines crossings
Jan 6: A seaweed farming we will go
Jan 5: Island bound
Jan 4: Kudat here I come!

Lady and kid
Workers at rest
Macroday: Red
Falling leaves
Macroday: Sweet
Youth is about.....

University Antics
Cicak in the office
Another Farewell, Strangers Once More
IPMB officiating ceremony
Pesta Ang Pow UMS 2005
Dolphin rescued at Tanjung Aru
Marine Science at UMS as a viable option

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