Sunday, March 13, 2005

Taking leave for a spell


A view of the jetty at Pulau Tiga during dusk, Sabah, 2003.

"The road looks like a never ending journey, yet somehow I know there is an end if only I had the resolve to walk through it's path. No goodbyes. No farewells. Because in my heart I know we will meet again, some future day"

For the past few weeks, so much have been vying for my attention and so many unexpected turns suddenly presented themselves on my lap that I have been literally overwhemled. I did not have spare time to even pursue my interests let alone focus on the proper mindset to write and thus blog. It pains me much because writing was part therapeutic and part enjoyment, an outlet to let me channel the unused creative energies as well as frustrations. I look back and see that my blog has become quite without substance, a mere shell of what I envisaged it to be and hoped it would not turn into. I don't know how long this will last, if I'll ever be able to pick up and write again, it may be a short hiatus or it will see a long dry spell not unlike the one we're facing now in Malaysia. For now this blog will mostly focus on being a photoblog and that may even be erratic depending on shedules and work load. I thank all that has been my loyal readers. For the next week I will be away due to sampling requirements, a week long trip to Banggi again and thus no update will be present for that period. It's sad that my laptop has been busted and thus I will travel without it. It seems this passing would be a minor footnote in Malaysian blog history, my presence would not be missed by much thus maybe this is a relief of sort. Hoping for better times to come. See you all again soon. (This is not an April fool's joke ala Michael Ooi and the Doc).

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iblogme said...

I am now able to understand this better after having read your latest post. You will be missed by those who enjoy reading your posts and seeing your photos.