Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sunday Shoot: Time


Time seldom stand still and remains as it is, the past is continously assulted by the present and altered by the future. We could forstall the eventual passage of time if we wished but its akin to fighting an uphill battle one with large odds stacked against us. The past will crumble maybe to be forgotten or else to be replaced by something better (or not). Yet losing the past can be a hard, the culmulative work and aspirations of the people of the past forgotten and buried under the sands of time. We should cherish what we have at the present, the tiny shreds of the tapestry that is the past entwined in the present before we lose them for good. Here is a mural painted on a pillar found along some pre-war shop houses along Lebuh Acheh. The restoration works are being carried out to revitalize the Armenian-Acheh Enclave but how much has already been lost and how much can be saved? Many the fragmentation and chipping of the mural represents Penang, slowly losing its past and identity to what end I ask? Penang, 2004.

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