Saturday, April 02, 2005

i-gizmo: Street


Crowds making their way around the various stalls on market day at the various pasar pagi (morning markets) around Georgetown, in the background is KOMTAR, Penang tallest edifice and most phallic symbol. Georgetown, Penang, 2004.


5xmom said...

Wow, Kervin, this is beautiful! So antique, so proud of my island.

thquah said...

This place is call Carnavon Lane.Nice photo.

Kervin said...

5Xmom: Love your island, who says it's degenerating??!! I'd rather miss out on the more 'tourisy' attractions and just muck it out in the old streets and shops and eateries and markets. Lovely Penang, so much to see but so little time.

thquah: Thanks for the pointer, didn't know exactly where it was, just chanced upon it during one of my walkabouts around town.