Saturday, March 26, 2005

I’m so hot! Can you feel it?


This kid has the right idea, keeping cool by any means possible, in this case is to start splashing water all over himself. Kudat, Sabah, 2004.

Don’t get the post title wrong, I’m not being egotistical about my own appearance nor promoting my masculine hunkness and hormone enticing body in anyway whatsoever (if you call the spare tire on my tummy sexy please don’t call me). I’m referring more to the state of the weather and the frying egg on the pavement effect it has on me, physically and mentally.

While Adrian is off skiing at Minakami (lucky lucky lucky!), here back home in Bolehland we’re not getting any letdown in the heat, rainy days are sporadic and short to the point that the Meteorological Department is going to introduce cloud seeding in certain states to assuage the slowly emptying dams and the drying up paddy canals. Heck traveling towards Kudat for my sampling work last week the distance hills were aflame else charcoaled tree lines and shrubs can be found alongside the roadside.

Man, on days like these you just don’t want to set one inch of a foot out the front door and just stay protectively in your room, those with air conditioning and a tubful of ice cubes are even more fortunate than poor old me. Well no can do, with the Holy week here and work there is no avoiding from going out to town. It’d be lucky that we could get a car and enjoy an air-conditioned ride else we’d find ourselves hemmed in like sardine with a pack of sweaty bodies in the mini busses and boiling away from all that heat generated within such a confined space.

It didn’t help that for Good Friday, the church venue they chose for the English session was not enough to accommodate the hundreds of people in attendance that day (including all those who don’t usually come to church on Sunday). An hour before service was about to start, the streets outside the St Simon’s Church in Likas was already packed with cars parked in every space possible including the curbside, next to houses and even by the side of the main road. The seating arrangement was no better, the air conditioned inner chapel would only fit about a hundred people, thus the others (including us) had to make do with outside. That wouldn’t be so bad but the plastic tarps they erected were not even enough to fit everyone plus chairs were in short supply (I had to go into the church hall to snatch a few, fighting the others that were rampaging to get their hands on them). We didn’t get a place under the tarp, sat near the back with the umbrella open to shade us, those others more unfortunate to not be able to secure a chair had to make do with sitting on the lawn or leaning onto the fence.

Service was also badly handled, the audience outside were in a state of blurness as the organizers didn’t ensure ample speakers were set out for the crowd and we heard the entire mass in muted tones. At the end of the episode I was fried, my brains were overheating, my mood soured and I was pooped out from the ordeal. Really, given an option that this was not a day of obligation I wouldn’t even want to be there in such a situation ever again. For now I shall be divining for ways to keep cool, in my current scheme a tub full of ice cubes and an endless supply of ice water is just what I need to melt away this heat. Oh rain oh rain where art thou?


narrowband said...

Tell me about it! I have to bathe more than i usually did in the past per day! The haze didn't help - Sometimes I smell smoke, too. and It feels really stuffy - feels like as if the haze blanket is impeding air movement and we're all 'stuffed' inderneath... *wipes sweat* hot, hot, hot!

Adam said...

It rained here in Kedah yesterday but it is so hot and humid today... think I will just go down to the swimmign pool and do some laps.

5xmom said...

Penang same. Pssttt...I skipped several mass. On Saturday Easter vigil, where all the Catholics cathecuments were getting baptised, I was in Gurney Drive having supper. Half way enjoying our food, it suddenly rained! My kids look up to the sky, say, Hallelujah! Holy water, baptism! Indeed!

Kervin said...

narrowband: Ouch wouldn't want to be in kl at this time, here sky is clear no haze but still oppressive weather nonetheless. Clothes running out from the constant changing XD

Adam: Swimming nice, if no work would've headed off to the islands off Kk and go for a soak! At least it rained this evening, much relief.

5Xmom: :D Would've loved to, x go for Easter vigil, too long and no transport, attended Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday though, worst was the Good Friday celebrations, overcrowded, missmanaged and heat stroked! Today it rained, Hallelujah haha XD

Vivien said...

that picture is really really good! keep up the good work and i really enjoy all the pictures esp those you've taken in sabah. heh.