Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Photo Tuesday: Oops


Oops... Looks like someone got off the wrong side of the bed. A picture of one of Lady's pup when they were small, missing him now. Kota Kinabalu, 2005.


Chris Lee said...

Ha Ha, very funny puppy ^_^

msdedi said...

very cute puppy, great capture

Chen said...

hahah.. nice shots... Very cute n adorable puppy :)

Kervin said...

chris lee: Yes they were, one was always lost and somehow ended miles away from the mum's tit, sadly miss them though they were hell to control when all three were up to mischief.

msdedi: Hehe yeah they're a cute bunch, especially this one, could've called them Larry, Curly and Joe/

chen: That she is :D

Lucia Lai said...

so cute!!

the pup found a good place to shut his (her?) eyes.