Thursday, April 21, 2005

Streamyx up and running

Seems the scare I had on Saturday was an isolated incident involving my block in Taman Kingfisher. It first dawned on me it might be my side when my friend living a few blocks away said his was up and running. This percipitated into a phone call on Sunday to the Streamyx call center which took down my report but not before asking me whether I paid my bills (what do they want from me!) or whether my phone line is up (ok so now I'm a moron). Well at the end I was given a customer complaint number and was told a technician would be over within 48 hours to assess the problem. The guy called on Monday morning (only after I called up to HQ again to check the status of repair) but I was in uni till late. He gave me his hp number and said to call him when I was back. Rushed back at 730 p.m. just in time, lucky he was in the neighbourhood attending to other repairs. He took a look at the modem which was fine and checked the phone lines which were fine too. So its not my side of the problem. He later stated that three similar houses were facing a similar problem of being unable to establish a connection out and he believed it was due to the fiber lines for the housing area. Next day they came and took the whole phone box and we had no phone. Lucky it was finally fixed as of yesterday so I'm online again! Hehe and here I was thinking TMnet made another gigantic bobo (maybe they wil i future but not ijn this case) :D

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