Thursday, April 21, 2005

Theme Thursday: Shapes


The room was made as a showcase for the various programmes and achievements of the university, yet in a way it is a bit elitist, visiting hours are not fixed and normal students usually can't gain entry as the handler is never there. Most often only visiting delegations and VIPs are taken to a tour of the exhibition and the rest of the time the place is off limits. The only time I ever managed to get in was after an official visit and thus I snuck in for a view. The rooms are spartan, decorated in various geometric forms and functions with display areas separated into the various schools and institutes. Displays include models, posters, brief notations and various photo galleries on the various subjects. UMS, Kota Kinabalu, 2005.


Rae said...

I admire your photography. I'm a photographer myself, but hardly find the opportunity to take good photographs like yours. Great stuff. Keep it going. Cheers.

Kervin said...

Rae: Thanks for dropping by, in many ways I'm still learning and improving. I'm sure you are as good or even better. As long as you love to take photos, there'll always be good photos to be enjoyed :D

msdedi said...

lovely space and photograph, also have to say I admire your descriptive and articulate posting