Tuesday, February 15, 2005

There and back again


The KLIA control tower as seen from the main terminal building.

Sleep was elusive and in the morning (8 a.m.) I found that I could not sleep in any longer either by habit or otherwise. Last night was fun but also tiring. Laura and her family were in Kl by yesterday evening but our schedule and distance proved a meeting to be elusive, for starters she isn’t that well versed in Kl streets and finding my place in Bandar Utama would take time and also her uncle’s place was elusive to me as they had shifted from the familiar USJ 4 house I was at before. Besides that I’m sure her family would want to spend time with their relations in Kl and I already had plans for the evening.

Bags didn’t need much packing as I didn’t have anything new to stack inside and my clothes were mostly intact anyway. Dad and a few of the other relations had plans to visit grandma’s sister and their kin so he wouldn’t be able to see me off since he was going back on Sunday itself. Thus it was up to my cousins to fetch me to KLIA this afternoon. Everyone was a bit sluggish today morning from the lack of sleep, most of us that went to the movies were pooped out from yesterday. My aunt prepared the leftovers we had yesterday, seems a lot of the sumptuous food were still left and it was decided reheating them for lunch was a good idea. True enough the prawns were still great and I put away many since I know I won’t see much of this spread when I’m back in Kk. Ang pow collection was good, got away with a cool RM400 more or less, pity that we didn't make it on the first day of CNY or there would've been more from my grandmother's relations. Most of it is going for the Valentines dinner I'm treating Laura and the rest for next month's rent.

My cousins finally awoke round 11 a.m. with bags under their eyes. At least the driver was much awake compared to us. Called Laura and she said she would be heading off soon as well. Flight was set to take off at 2.15 p.m. and so at 11.30 a.m. we made a move. Dad and the others had left earlier and so we were the few left behind. The drive there was quite uneventful with everyone silent from the tiredness. Before long we were there and I bid farewell and went ahead with my luggage.

Laura wasn’t there yet and so I found a spot and waited. Soon she and her family arrived along with her uncle who drove them there. Laura was easy to spot, she was spotting an extremely red batik outfit that was just plain loud! Said hi to her father and mum who was there as well as her brother, Stephen. The check in took some time as the passengers in front of us had tons of stuff. We stowed our two large bags in cargo and went off to search for food since they haven’t had anything to eat for lunch. Went to the food court and ordered a bunch.

We soon had to depart and bid farewell to everyone. After a short wait in the waiting area our flight promptly arrived. Didn’t take too long to reach Kk and at 5 p.m. we were already taxing into the runway. We made arrangements with her housemates to fetch us at the airport. After dumping the stuff at our respective place, it took a while to clean up the mess. My three dogs were jumping all over, either they’re missing me or asking ‘Where’s our treats”. No rest though, after clearing things up and making the room presentable, went over to Laura’s to join her for dinner. Still lots to do that night as tomorrow had to attend church. Decided to just call for a pizza, tried the new golden crust from Pizza Hut. Laura thought that having sweet potatoes on the rim was a bit odd to the taste. I was so tired from the last few days that I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 11 p.m.

Still coming back here made me instantly homesick, I know that it would be some time before I’ll ever get to see home again, more so my cousins and relations. It was so fast, 10 days went by too quickly for my liking and all the travelling to and fro places was just plain tiring. Already I’m missing my room, missing my family and missing Peninsular. Unpacking my stuff here in Kk proved more of a chore as the feeling of packing to go home still felt so recent. As for work, the thought just hit me so hard knowing there was only a single day left before I had to report back. The holidays were nice but I just didn’t get enough of it. It is wrong to start wondering about going back again so soon after I left?

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