Tuesday, February 15, 2005

V day escapades


Everyone has been talking about the big V, yes Valentines day for the past few days. Some are without anyone to celebrate, others are sulking in their rooms, a few would be out in groups trying to pick strangers from the crowd to leer, most would be having a secluded dinner and maybe even a walk on the beach. My Valentines Day plan this year was more organized as compared to the previous year where by sheer last minute planning and a disregard for the ton of work I had during that week, we managed to have a great time. Some people say that people in love don’t need a special day to celebrate, well some people are without a loved one this night. I agree that love is necessarily showered throughout every single day of the year but even couples, married or still attached need a night in itself to show an appreciative token, a day to look forward to and to plan something special just for the two of us as well as a time to just say sayonara to your other obligations and concentrate on the person you fell in love with and is still falling in love with each day.

I had planned this day for the past week, knowing that the hecticness would once again be a factor as we were travelling back straight from CNY and Sunday would entail a whole day out together (hard to slip away to buy gifts). Transport would be the main priority, without one we’d be doomed to be stranded at home with nothing to do but watch the Grammy reruns and eat economic mixed rice. Securing the car had to be done early as most of everyone else would be hunting for one as well. Went to my usual car rental and got it all booked. I had already in my mind where I would bring Laura. Whereas last year we wined and dined Italian, this time we’re going German. There’s a quaint little German rest house near Likas called Gunters, I’ve heard about it a long time ago but there was never an occasion to go there before. Its quiet tucked away in a secluded housing area, the proprietor running his kitchen from his house, a very nice concept. I’d figure a night of fine dining would be nice.

As for my gift, I had put a lot of thought into it. I didn’t buy anything too flashy but I knew once I saw it she’d be delighted. I’ve a soft spot for cute things and Laura is even more so, thus when I saw this little seal made out from coconut fibre, she can’t resist this I thought. Rushing here and there the past week really got to me, sadly I couldn’t get a card nor did I buy flowers, most of you must be saying, “What kind of guy is this? Is this how you show the one you love how much you adore her?”

A lot of people would go out on a limb to get the biggest bouquet, the priciest gift and the most outlandish night planned. I was like that too, last year was a home delivery of a dozen roses with a hand made gift and a night out to an exclusive diner. This time I wanted something more intimate yet still touching her heart. We haven’t had much time lately to get out and really enjoy a nice evening without the thought of schedules, work and things piling up to do, thus what we really needed was a nice quiet place to just eat leisurely and talk the night away and this was what I had in plan. Flowers, well she received more than her share throughout the year to the point she didn’t know what to do with them and she asked me not to get it. As for the gift, it still is truly from my heart, an observation of what tickles her fancy and something intimately that she would appreciate.

We had the car for four hours and left around six. Laura was sporting a new sleeveless purple baby T she recently got as a present and a long black knee high skirt. She said she was afraid it made her looked fat, I said it accentuates her curves and truthfully she looked fabulous in it. By the time we got to the place, already couples were slowly streaming in. We got a garden patio seat out in the garden. We had the Valentines Day special, a 5 course meal. The setting couldn’t be better, a nice candle light dinner, cool air of the garden and quiet corner to talk. A serving of salad followed by mushroom soup was the starters. The main course was a beef steak served in lobster and cream sauce for me and fish fillet in rich asparagus sauce for Laura. We had a nice time chatting as we slowly went through the course, recalling the past, how we met, family etc. Desert soon followed, a thick slab of homemade ice cream sprinkled with almond flakes and topped over with raspberry sauce and to finish it up was a cup of Irish coffee with a dollop of ice cream.

The only fly in the ointment, and literally it was a fly that Laura found in her cup of which she had a chew in with. She was quite put off the coffee after that although we asked for a new one to be replaced. Besides that little kink, the rest of the night was nice. Nowhere else to go, we thought about heading to Tanjung Aru for a walk along the beach but decided against it as most of the other low budget fellows would be there, plus you never know the khalwat police might show up (she is a bit dark). We drove around a while as we still had time with the car, admiring the coastal scene and town. I had her gift already up in her room and stashed it on her computer. She took a while and stared at it for quite some time before she realised what it was, she initially thought it was a bird perched on a branch and what the hell it was doing in her room. She bought for me a package of foodstuff; a bottle of Nescafe gold rich, packet of M&Ms as well as a box of imported lemon and peppermint flavoured tea. Naturally it was a collection of my favourite eats.
All in all I'd say it went well and it was truly time well spent. We both needed a break from our usual schedule and Valentines offered a great respite.

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