Friday, February 25, 2005

Jinxed (Someone stole my MOJO)

If there ever was such a thing as bad luck, this week proved it once and for all for me. Beginning Sunday as Laura and I were headed back from church, the stupid lady in a blue Kancil decided to crash into a Kembara whose front bumper left 2 huge indentation in my rental car’s back. Not only did she snubbed me by not paying up for what was her fault, I had to fork out the garage impound fees to the car rental as it was being fixed. This continued on the week as Laura suffered from gastrointestinal pains for the past few days, wrecking havoc on her ability to work properly in what must be her most busy week with her thesis submission on Monday, Save Our Seas Day community project this Saturday and her finals next Monday. We were stressed, me having a long week and she with all the pressure surrounding her as well as impending PMS, we were at each other’s throat, at one point I got so fed up at things that I just wanted out. We quarrelled, we couldn’t hold a conversation without attacking each other or disagreeing and we ignored each other when things became unbearable. Luckily things have cooled up somewhat and returning to normal but it was a bad experience.

Next her industrial training stint was backed up because of the new system the university has put up, apply to a firm and wait for the rejection letter before proceeding to reapply elsewhere. Not only did this delay the search (which in the past we could send out multiple application simultaneously to ensure a placing), till now her offers have been either rejected or the places that offered had been taken out by other university applicants. I had to ask a few favours from an acquaintance, Jocelyn Maluda who’s working at the Kota Kinabalu Bird Sanctuary if she could get a placing for her. On other fronts, appliances seem to be breaking down front and back around us, Laura’s computer was hit by a Bloodhound virus as well as several Trojan horses which no needs a fresh reinstall, my com hinges connecting my monitor to the keypad is loosing a few screws and threatening to detach from each other while my front gate somehow detached and is now loosely hanging and on Thursday somehow fell upon one of the pups, crushing her beneath but luckily she was fine with no lasting injuries.

Compounding this is the fact that the sending Ellie back with Kelvin to Penang has been faced with troubles, after the initial application and confirmation of the import/export forms which were obtained, Bayan Lepas International Airport has required additional procedures that would tax both time and pocket. It seems form filling on both sides need the intercession of a agent who will carry out the paper work which turns out to cost RM150 each time (this was never mentioned in the faq), next it seems as our vet put the breed as Alsatian cross, extra stringent measures such as home checking and fees as well as quarantine (this is still being questioned as a phone call to the office said it need not) which might be from 2 weeks minimum to over a month costing RM77 a week. Frankly everyone is weary and fed up, after going through the various governmental (federal and state) requirements, for God sakes this is a 6 month old pet dog with a cute face and its being handled like a CITES endangered cargo or as if its a killer beast, are they trying to suck money out from us or what! Why with the barrier in entering what must be states within Malaysia when its stated that even pets from Singapore does not require quarantine with full vaccination records (which we have)?! Now it comes a decision whether to continue on and fork out the money to bring the pup that they have bonded with or try and find a new owner. It just beaks my heart to find that a beloved pet cannot be brought home and treated as if its some livestock, as if Penang does not welcome a dog from Sabah. To this point I must start thinking if I can even bring my beloved Lady back with me or that I would have to contact Stanley, my ex house mate to take him in.

The rest of my problems are lesser things but all of them are adding up to make life feel like hell really. I haven't been sleeping well lately, the pups have been cranky at night barking at the strays, I'm exhausted and without an oppotunity to even get some needed rest and I feel like crap. I don’t know if I have the energy to cope with it. Truly it feels like a jinx has been put on us. Maybe I should think about undergoing a cleansing ceremony to chase away the bad vibes.


iblogme said...

Hang in there. Things will work out sooner or later. In the meantime, try to catch some sleep. :)

5xmom said...

Kervin, had been trying to comment but somehow the comment board hanged. When things become too tough, give it back to God and tell Him to help you sort it out. I had been through those times when I feel suffocating and somehow, it became easier with some solitude with our Maker. God bless!

Kervin said...

iblogme: Thanks, its just been a crappy week, hopefully things will turn out better next few days.

5Xmom: Lilian, true finding solace in your maker can help but sometimes feel so hard that matters are not in your control and there's nothing you can do. Maybe sleep will help :) Thanks for the good word.