Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sunday Shoot: Flowers


A bee polinating the various blooms planted along the French Castle resort. Bukit Tinggi Resort, Pahang, 2004.


deborah said...

Nice flowers; astounding photographic angles. :p

5xmom said...

Kervin, were you sleeping on the grass, risking getting stung by the bee? 'Cos it looks like it.

I went to the butterfly farm the other day and took many butterflies photos, macro. Will show it real soon. It is such a challenge photographing insects 'cos I have to hold my breath, sked they fly away! LOL!

Kervin said...

deborah: Had to go low for it and waited till the bee was used to my presence or else will get stung hehe.

5Xmom: Not really lying on the grass but crouching down a bit and waiting for the bee to feel used to me being there. Your KKC got very good zoom I'm sure, me well if need macro shots really have to get up close and personal. X wait for your pics to be posted :D

Anonymous said...

Very pretty Kervin!