Monday, March 21, 2005

Passion & Palm Sunday


Laura holding on to a palm frond as the priest conducted the service.

Yesterday was both Passion Sunday and Palm Sunday. This marks the last week before Good Friday and later Easter Sunday. It is a time to reflect back at ourselves to those who are Christians and recount the sacrifice that Jesus endured to save man. It is a time where the story of the Passion, from the persecution of the Jews, to Pontious Pilate’s sentencing of Jesus and thus follows his every step through the Stations of the Cross until his eventual rise and resurrection from the dead. People would be carrying palm leaves of various sizes and make to be bless on this very day by the priest, now sporting a red vestment.


A girl holding on to a palm frond shaped into the semblence of a cross.


Holding up the palm leaves to be blessed within the cathedral.


5xmom said...

ooooOO, I love those crosses made with palms. My church here, nobody makes it. I got one from my friend who courier it to me from Johor! Over here, we just lambai-lambai the whole palm leaves. Eeeekk, I still have last year palms because I forgot to burn it on Ash Wednesday. :O)

Kervin said...

We thought of buying a few too but found out the people anyam themselves, got a few nice designs, there's the crook, cross and a few other varients. Haha ours last minute one, pluck from tree near church ground, malu nanti if kena caught.

Serge Norguard said...

heh ....went for mass, didn't take any palms =p

deborah said...

Hope you've a blessed Easter. Keep swimming! ;)

By the way, check this out:

What a joke.

Lucia Lai said...

last time i used to know how to fold the palm fond into a cross after a friend taught me but now forget liao! but we had lots of those cross shaped fonds available in our church.

Kervin said...

Dustyhawk: :D last year forgot about it too, you wouldn't find a group of people frantically plucking bougenvilla blooms like we did in the Philippines lol

deborah: Happy Easter to you too, as for the statements by Pak Nik, he's been blowing his head off too many times that it has become stale, even the Sisters in Islam are tired of rebuking his words by now.

Lucia Lai: My friend used to make grasshoppers and trumpets with coconut fronds but was never too good a learner :D