Monday, January 31, 2005

It took a single call

I found out that it is good to harass people when you need things to be done ASAP. I recently sent my camera to the shops due to an ongoing defect after they did a shoddy job at it the last time. Told the service centre at Lintas that I want it fast and that I reiterated that this is the second time I’m sending the camera for the same problems, he assured me it’ll be sent by Monday to Kl. A wait for a few days and a call to the Bandar Utama Service Centre and I was told be the receptionist that they had my unit, and again I reiterated that I’m disgruntled and would not tolerate another shoddy work like the previous one and if nothing is being done I’m going to send a letter to their corporate headquarters in Kl as well as Japan (Thanks Papi for that suggestion). She assured me she will check on its status and that it would be taken care of.

After 5 minutes, I got a call on my phone and it was the same receptionist telling me that she had talked to the technician and that my camera is done (wow that was just 4 working days counting transit while it took them 2 bloody months previously) and where would I like to pick it up. They say transport would take 4 days and so I redirected them to send it to the Kuantan branch for pickup. Again I stated, “ARE YOU SURE THAT MY CAMERA IS 100% FREE FROM DEFECTS!?” She assured me it was, okay so I’ll let it slide for now, but if there is hooooo they’re gonna PPPAAAAYYY!!!! Mmmmuuuuhahahahahaha!!!!!! My acting the irate customer does help as compared to hoping they’d do a professional job if asked nicely and left alone. I still wonder how long I would've been made to wait if I didn't take the initiative to call, maybe the engineers would slack off and decide my case wasn't urgent enough to warrant their attention or they might take their sweet time to even enquire me about my camera or that the delivery process would be a snail's crawl to get it to Kota Kinabalu even if I mentioned in my note to them that I would like to pick my camera up at either Kl or Kuantan.

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