Sunday, July 31, 2005

Look Who's Smiling


Contently chewing on leaves this cool camel is having life easy while his compatriot in the background decides to have a quick nap. Zoo Negara (National Z00), Kuala Lumpur, 2004.


Lucia Lai said...

wow. you can get that close to the camel to take this shot? or did you use zoom?

the other day i try to take a close up picture of a dog but each time i squat down to take his picture, he came over to me right in front of my face. should have use zoom to take his pic from a far.

taking pictures of animals close up must be the most difficult eh since they will move and they don't listen to you. (at least children move a lot but will listen to you.)

Kervin said...

Yeah I know taking pics of my dog can be tough as each time I get her in a good pose she comes and sniff the lens. The camel was quite docile and the pic was not zoomed if you believe me. It's an open enclosure with only a beam, the leaves it was munching was from zoo visitors plucking the bunga raya tree to feed it (which should not be encouraged).

Alicia said...

Camels seem to like chewing on things. It's great that they let you get that close to the animals. Nice intimate shot.

Anisah said...

Nice shot. Camels are definitely easier to photograph than pet dogs. I have two camera shy cats! They hide once I whip out the camera, be it mobile phone camera or proper camera!

Kervin said...

alicia: Quite docile so thats why I figured it must have been tamed before, too busy chewing so got nice and close to it.

anish: Yeah had cats before too and they always try to take a swipe at my lens when I go in close or act all jittery.