Saturday, July 30, 2005

Tiny beauty


Without bothering to take time and possesing a sharp eye, one may just miss a lot of sights when investigating the jungle. Often things come unexpected and we find beauty hidden away in small niches such as jungle orchids, beautiful insects and this lovely curl of fern. Taking time and observing will proove the best in not letting these escape one's notice. Taken along the journey to Mt Kinabalu, Sabah, 2004.


Lucia Lai said...

indeed the fern looks lovely. you must have a good eye to able to spot i, kervin!

anasalwa said...

you're good with your third eye, aren't you?

Wil said...

Great photo, Kervin. Don't forget to include the year with the © symbol, i.e. ©2005. :)

Kervin said...

Lucia: Was a chance spot. Our car's radiator overheated and we stopped somewhere near Pekan Nabalu and I just strolled by the side of the road and saw it.

anasalwa: 80% chance 10% luck, that's photography

Will: I guess I should but a bit lazy hehe :D