Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sabah weather

5 minutes before........




The two pictures above happened just minutes apart and look how fast things changed. Welcome to Sabahan weather where one minute it can be scorchingly hot enough to flay the skin off your back and the next you are soaked to the bone without much warning. Well this was taken on Thursday and the weather was quite iffy, been like these for a few days and on this day somehow the winds decided to pick up and it was loud enough to be heard not to mention threatened to uproot every single tree about. Just view how much of an angle the cannae flower below next to our lab is after the event. Strange it didn't rain though droplets can be felt which could be from the sea spray from the nearby coast. I wouldn't want to be caught out in sea when the conditions are as bad as above. Recently it seems that the weather just gone from bad to worst, areas around Telipok and Menggatal not to mention several residential blocks within University Malaysia Sabah itself were inundated up to a few feet of water. Luckily my place though just next to the Likas river wasn't affected.



Anonymous said...

i like the 1st pic. can't wait to be back in KK!

i heard that KK was cold lately..the 2nd pic explains it all.

Adam said...

2nd pic. Looks great for surfing.

Kervin said...

Anonymous: Weather here quite unpredictable, yeah KK is nice but sun is oppresive.

Adam: I wouldn't dare haha maybe you can come visit and give it a try.

shells said...

the same thing happened yesterday. i was having lunch with my colleague.

it was scorching hot, then all of a sudden there were dark clouds hovering all over us, n the wind started blowing everything away.

there were cups and plastic stuff as ranting and everything flying across the road. scary.