Saturday, July 09, 2005

There are still good Samaritans out there

The good news, I’ve managed to get my wallet back. The bad, I’ve just cancelled my Maybank Bank card and made a police report.

How was I reunited with my most precious of precious? The Unser Driver, a Mr. Nasirin kept it for me. I was dejected and moping through the whole of Friday when I headed down town with my colleagues who had errands to run. I decided to tag along and head to the police station to get the original report. Who knew that the police were on a break from 11.30 to 2, I thought they were there to serve 24/7? Well was being driven past the place where I normally catch my ride to Banggi, near to the bus terminal, when I saw the unmistakable blue Unser (it had to be because the others are usually decked out with yellow taxi sign with stripes along the body whereas this has none).

I stopped near Gaya Street and made my way hurriedly to the place and saw that it was the same one I took, number plate and all. Asking around I was informed the driver was conducting his Friday Prayers at the mosque so I had to wait. Didn’t take long and soon he was done. I was all smiles when he told me he found my wallet by the side of the seat between the brakes. He kept it and even said he returned to my house twice, once the previous evening and early Friday morning but I was not present. Thus he kept a hold of it and waited for me to claim it.

It was quite a bit of a chance that I was there, because I might just as easily been stuck in uni or any earlier or later and he wouldn’t be there at that spot. I thanked him and handed him a ten, asking him to use it to buy lunch or something. At first he was hesitant to even take it but someone told him it was halal (kosher) and justified as a reward.

It’s good to know that there are people who would be so kind and seek you out to return your lost goods. He expressed his concern that I was without my important documents and was worried how I’d go about. I’m still awed that he would willingly retrace his steps to my place to hand it in. This must be the third time I’ve met trustworthy and commendable people in the public transport sector. My handphone was recovered by a taxi driver, the first time I lost my wallet the old Chinese taxi driver also held on to it and now this kind Unser driver.
It’s a relief that I’ve gotten everything back, was going through how hard it would be to get all my lost documents replaced the previous night. Another nice note was that one of the seaweed farm mangers whom I asked to enquire about Mr. Nasirin (he told me he was a resident of Banggi) actually managed to get his handphone number for me


mmulibra said...

That is a very good news...

Next time, should take more care of your wallet :-)

Kervin said...

mmulibra: True glad it turned out as such. Hehe after losing it once people figured I'd be more careful to make a repeat eh?

Adam said...

really nice to learn that there are still some honest people in this bad bad world.