Saturday, July 09, 2005

Vegetarian steam boat


Had a blast last night, was invited to a vegetarian steam boat dinner with my colleagues. For RM12.50 a person (min 4 pax needed), we were presented with an array of vegetarian selections to be dumped into the steaming pot of tom yam and vegetable broth located at the middle of the table. There were about 12 dishes in total ranging from fried homemade tau fu (soy bean cake), pseudo fish cakes, vegetarian minced beef, vegetarian beef balls, green leafy vegetables, humongous mushrooms, fried wonton, rice vermicelli strands, fu chuk (soy bean skin), poh piah, meehoon (rice noodles) and eggs. Great feast and at the price was filling and satisfactory enough. Drinks were even refillable and they didn’t stint on the soup as well as their homemade chili sauce which packs quite a wallop. Vegetarian ha never been so good.

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Nilesh Babu Patel said...

where it is located man???