Friday, July 15, 2005

Wanna see my tan line?


Don't know why some people are really into getting a tan for themselves to the extent that they stay under the scorching hot sun on the beach to achieve such an end result. It must be the gwai los (foreigners) that are into this little escapade because no sane Malaysian would likely go put a beach blanket and lie in the open like a siu ji (roast pig) and be exposed to the noon day Malaysian sun. Well I'm no fan of getting darker, and being out even for a short 5 hour spell resulted in the above. A two toned arm not bad huh? Heck now I've a white pale body with four burnt crisp appendages as well as a blackened visage to go along with. Makes you respect what the Malaysian afternoons can do to a person, the only safe place to be is indoors where there is a full blasting air conditioning system in operation. Gotta remind myself to get some SPF 50 sunblock the next time I hit Banggi.

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