Saturday, July 16, 2005

Got mine! Harry Potter book 6


There are advantages living in Kota Kinabalu I admit. Ordered my advance copy weeks ago and the Popular sales girl was kind enough to remind me that my order has already arrived and ready for collection today. Got to town and as the shops were busy opening at 10a.m. reached Popular. No crowds, no hassle just me alone in the shop and away I go with my edition of Harry Potter and the half blood prince. The hardcover adult edition came with a rather nice bag as well as a Popular bookmark. I think Kinokuniya and MPH in Kuala Lumpur will have a larger crowd since Kino is giving away 6 free copies to the first 6 people in line, I bet there are crazies out there that has been camping out at KLCC to get theur hands on it. Not much pomp here in Sabah. Going to start reading it today hehe. Later I'm going to leave it on my room in the institute to irritate a colleague which is dying to read it as well, cruel I know.


ItchyMicchi said...

haha, i'm going to One Utama tonight to see what the crowd is like!

mmulibra said...

Oh.. nice bag :-)

vivian said...

I didn't even have to queue for my HP6. Kinda dissapointed without all the crowd. It's more fun queueing and waiting, and then finally getting the book.

Adam said...

My wife wanted to join the crowd but I was against it as I hate queueing up and fighting for kids for a copy of the book. She is buying her copy today and no crowd I hope.

jasmine said...

can't even read mine despite getting it already due to my exams... gotta resist the temptation and read my notes instead.

but i have been bad and been flipping the last few pages... can't believe whoever that died, died! and harry and ginny... hmm, never saw that coming.

Lucia Lai said...

hey how much is the book? must be pretty expensive what with paper bag some more.

btw i'm not a fan of HP.

Kervin said...

itchymicchi: Good luck from what I read in the papers Kl has quite a crowd.

mmulibra: Hehe yeah its a nice bag

vivian: True anti climax, would have been nice if someone came dressed up, adds to the atmosphere.

adam: Couldn't wait myself so was the first one at the store when they opened.

jasmine: Urgh can't put myself to leaf through, spoils the ending and my RM90 hehe going to saviour it bit by bit.

lucia Lai: Think it was RM99 but some shops giving 10 percent off. If thats too much the paper back edition will be here about 6 months later at about RM35 plus