Friday, August 12, 2005

I hate brinjals


My dad used to say I was fussy with my food, my mum coudln't see why I cannot learn to like eating her blanched brinjal, my friends find it curious why I do not have a taste for this mushy violet fruit and I almost starved to death when all they served in the university cafeteria was brinjal in sambal (a type of hot spicy prawn paste). Yes from a very young time I have learnt to have a dislike for this fruit and no amount of inducement nowadays can make me think or feel otherwise. When people ask me if there is a particular reason I have such disgust to it I can describe it raw, mushy and odd taste. Its a sad fact that so many foodstuff in Malaysia feature this violet fruit, yong tau foo (an assorted variety of toufoo and vegetables stuffed with meat and boiled before dining) with brinjal stuffed with fish meat, barbequed brinjals, brinjal casseroles etc.

Then only time I let my guard down was when I was in the Philippines, my colleagues were making dinner and that day they bought eggplant (which I abhor as well due to its all too similar makeup as brinjal). I said I didn't like it but no they finally persuaded me to give it a try saying the method they prepared it (frying with egg and sauces) takes away the taste. So once in my mouth and started chewing, I found it to be the same and out it goes from my pallatte and again I sweared never to partake in anything similar again. Above is a local delicacy, charcoal grilled brinjal which is popular and sold widely by the streetside in Bolinao, Philippines, usually eaten as it is or taken with a bowl of rice.


Nancy Bea said...

I really enjoyed your "I hate Brinjals" story! I don't like the flavor of eggplant much either, but it is easy to avoid here in the U.S.

Lucia Lai said...

i understand your feeling towards brinjal, kervin, as that was how i felt towards certain food/fruit too.

i do eat brinjal but you know, only when it is cooked in certain way. funny that if it is cooked with sambal (ala sambal prawn) i take it but if it is cooked in curry, i refuse to take it. if it is fried, i will take it too but those stuffed with fish meat, i don't! haven't try barbecued ones too but i don't think i will like it.

on the whole, i don't really like brinjal.

Kervin said...

Nancy Bea: I always had the impression that the movies and serials always made fun of health food with scenes of mothers making eggplant toufoo and brocolli caserroles. XD

Lucia lai: Whatever the form I still can't take it, maybe just don't like the mushy feeling, its like eating unripe bananas, raw and pulpy.

kyels said...

Hi Kervin.

I liked your I Hate Brinjals story though. Haha. I guess not everyone has the same taste. We differ from each other right? Hehe.

Well, but I like brinjals though. Really nice.

Nice photos! Cheers!

Papi said...

I don't like it too. In fact I don't like any fruit or vege that's mushy and soft.

Kervin said...

kyels: We all have differing tastes, I know some people cannot stand petai and belacan because they say it gives them gas but I adore them.

papi: Haha guess I'm about the same as you, just that i like things not to be too raw and mushy.