Thursday, August 11, 2005

Themed beauties

More pictures on the happenings during the 1Borneo launch. Here are seen several costumed gals that were strutting all over the place and posing for anyone wishing to have a picture taken with them.


This one looks very mysterious, fully masked with nice kabuki like head on her hair. She was decked in black and gold and was quite alluring.


This reminded me somewhat of Ultraman the way her mask was styled or someother Japanese series heroine.


Now this one was true blue, feathers, glitter and frilly bras, one of the better looking ones among the lot. Costume not too extravagant nor gaudy.


This is a real shocker, besides the fact that her makeup was overly done to the point she look like some kind of doll, the person applying it doesn't have too much skill. Her costume was a bit on the gaudy side with a Victorian like design she reminded me too much of a lily going into full bloom crossed with Peter Pan in thighs.


Snow queen persona, very stylish, large silver crown, feathers and cape, must be the most pleasing among them without the overtly garish colours, white is just so pure, again too much with the makeup.


narrowband said...

Wow! I didn't know such a celebration exists!

vivian said...

If you don't mind me asking, what camera model are you using? Just curious, thanks.

Kervin said...

narrowband: Same here was a nice surprise though, didn't think there'd be anything this interesting since I last visited Singapore's parades.

Vivian: I'm using a Sony Cybershot P-100.

5xmom said...

So many lengluis posing for you?

Kervin said...

5xmom: yaloh so untung one XD Will post more liang chai photos to attract ladies to my site in future hehe.