Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Microsoft product validation cracked!

Yikes when Microsoft announced that it was implementing product validation for the Windows system it sounded like a death keel for pirated software users. Yes no more product support for Windows besides security updates so bye bye freebies. What it does is that Windows requires you to download an Active X control onto your com which does the job of scanning your copy of Windows to determine if there is anything wrong with the serial number. Once it determines that it is genuine it installs a key to enable future downloads. Yet hackers found a way around Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) anti-piracy system last week, only a day after the system went into effect. So even without a valid serial number, users can now use this hack to skirt the system and still get what they usually enjoy in the past. It does this through a simple JavaScript hack that was already circulating. All users had to do was paste a JavaScript URL into the Internet Explorer browser window at the beginning of the process; this turned off the key check, according to users. Details can be found here. A simple cut and paste and voila, hackers sure are getting more and more smarter, shows what desperation does to people, it just motivates them to try harder to beat the system.


raymondevil said...

well, let's look at the first point of source. Where O/S comes from. It's all designed by human. Source code, compiler, etc etc, all that created by human. If it's created by human, of course human will be the one will able to decode it. No matter how smart MS coder can be, there's alwaz the other end have someone even smarter to decode all that.. agree?

Kervin said...

Agree no matter how smart they think they are, others out there might be better than them, of course they could always hire them and pay them oodles of money to secure their site hehe.