Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Moon cake festival and lanterns

Plastic lantern

The moon cake festival is nearing again and already commercialism has taken the initiative to usher in the festivities in the form of mooncakes being sold everywhere. From famous brands like Tai Tong to Overseas Restaurant to more local unknown brands. Also commonly seen during this period would be the display of lanterns, both olden paper and bamboo variant to the newer sleeker plastic battery operated variety. Unlike more contemporary designs of zodiac animals, these plastic models come in the latest fashion, be it Pokemon or seen here Ultraman and Masked Rider (known locally as Kasatria Baja Hitam loosely translated as Fertilizer Black Knight). Equipped with flashing lights and sometimes even sound and motion these are proving more attractive than the outdated model of yore. They also have less tendency to combust into flames, thus ensuring a longer shelf life than their contemporary that usually ignites when the candle within grazes the paper walls.

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