Thursday, August 25, 2005

Rain's a coming


Ships berthed at the Kudat Jetty brace in anticipation of the rain threatening to come down in torrents if the hufe cloud behind is to be trusted. Kudat, Sabah, 2005.

Thank God it's been raining quite a bit lately so that the weather isn't too humid and stuffy. Now at least my room isn't doubling as an oven trying to turn me into a pot roast. The bad thing is that if it rained cats and dogs during the early morning I can expect a good drenching as I make my way to the marine institute, the other day before I made it to my room, already my long pants were more like wet rags and even an umbrella isn't much help when the rain pelts you from every direction imaginable. Well the rain brings both blessings and grumblings, at least the atmosphere is clear of the haze and the view of clear once more.

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