Thursday, August 25, 2005

Faces of Banggi

All laughs

Smiling kid I met upon boarding the Kudat Ferry heading to Pulau Banggi. Kudat, 2005.


Local fishermen cutting up a moray eel he trapped to be used as bait for fishing. Kampung Talutup, 2005.


Local lad looking apprehensively from the docks as he watched us strangers mooring and disembarking from our vessel. Batu Sirih, 2005.


Elder lady who had a chat with me as she awaited her family who were buying groceries from the local store before they set out home into the interior of the island. Kampung Karakit, 2005.


Wife of one of the seaweed project worker seeing us off from her house. Kampung Perpaduan, 2005.


The face is etched by years of hard work, yet she never complains. Supplementing the incomes of their spouses who often work regular jobs or are out at sea fishing, the womenfolk also contributes by holding their own, many of them are participants of the seaweed project, toiling in the sun drenched sea from morning till late. Mitford Harbour, 2005.


q said...

love these portraits, especially of the women.

BawangMerah said...

Smiles are always beautiful :)

Kervin said...

q: :D Thanks

bawangmerah: I totally agree with you, nothing like a smile to brighten up the day.